Oil Paintings by Nathan Fiveash 

"As my work has long been influenced by surrealism and classical art, I continue to work toward fusing imagination and the subconscious mind with classically rendered layers of visual reality. With each of my paintings I try to reveal my own visual consciousness in a way that speaks to the viewer and allows them to relate and interpret on a very personal level."

–Nathan Fiveash


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Much of my work is available for purchase and/or for gallery representation.
I also do custom portraiture, figurative and landscapes on a commission basis.
Please call 985.774.6638 or use my contact form for information.

Artist Bio 

Born in Princeton, New Jersey in 1974, Nathan Fiveash has been creating art since early childhood. Even as a child he was impressed with dream imagery, and much of his style has tended toward Surrealism painted in a classically realistic style. His personal work reflects his exploration of dream imagery as a social commentary — some darkly brooding and others colorful and whimsical. Much of Nathan's imagery consists of mysterious deep landscapes or timeless interiors combined with intricately rendered figures and flowing fabric. Contrasting combinations of organic vs. man-made, dual imagery and improbable scenarios create a visual tension which draw the viewer in and allows each individual to relate and interpret on a universal yet personal level.

Nathan studied painting while attending Atlanta School of Art for 3 years before transferring to Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida. He graduated from Ringling with an BFA degree in 2003. After graduation, he pursued a creative career in the more commercial artistic areas — design and illustration for ad agencies, print shops and as a freelancer. But his one passion has remained the freedom of self expression through his painting, and he continues to grow, explore and refine his focus and style.



I currently exhibit and sell from my working studio located in the historic Arcade Building: Studio 31, 1332 Main Street, Columbia, South Carolina. The studio is open by appointment, except during special events. Be sure to join us each month for  "First Thursdays on Main" (open house art walk sponsored by Main Street galleries).

To visit the studio, please give me a call at 985.774.6638

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